Card Counting In Modern-Day Casino


Blackjack players always strive to better the odds both in brick and mortar and virtual casinos while playing this highly strategic and mathematical card game. Apparently, card counting is the most prominent blackjack strategy that increases the winning potential of players. But many players are unaware of other strategies that players can adopt and imply to have a winning edge over the house. An expert card counter knows which cards on the blackjack table are dealt with and which one is in the deck. This gives a holistic idea to the player of the given situation.

Exceptional instrument

Based on this guessed information, players expect a hand and develop a strategy based on the hand. If the calculation is performed in a correct manner, it would certainly give you an edge. There are different techniques of card counting, but all have the same principle. To master the art of card counting, one needs to toil hard, but it cannot be applied perfectly when the multi-deck card is used or in virtual casinos. In spite of this shortcoming, it is an exceptional instrument to enhance the winning odds in the blackjack. This empowers the player to formulate a flexible strategy according to cards as the game progress. แอพfun88 has multiple easy options, so try downloading the app.

Basic blackjack strategy

Casinos, both conventional and contemporary, have discouraged card counting for ages. The widespread use of automatic card shufflers negates the advantage of card counting. In this condition, you can use a basic blackjack strategy which is the most feasible way to maximize winning potential. Implementing the strategy can reduce the house edge to less than 0.5%. The prime objective is to double down on hard eleven. In a multi-deck game where the dealer stands on soft seventeen, you have a better chance than the dealer’s ace. Players must divide a duo of eights and aces, irrespective of the dealer’s hand.

Learn it online 

Better opt for another card rather than splitting a pair of tens or fives. Avoid taking an insurance bet unless it is a single deck game and you have mastered the art of card counting. Remembering blackjack strategy is one thing and successfully implementing it in the table is another narrative. Practicing hard is the only way to master blackjack strategies. You need to visit a blackjack table in a casino to learn the basic strategies. You can watch how the professionals play live stream blackjack games; many such podcasts are available on YouTube. These online platforms are the perfect place to learn blackjack strategies than visiting an overcrowded blackjack table in a casino.

Demo versions

A free online blackjack game is another place where you can test your newly acquired skill before that; download fun88. Such demo blackjack sessions are offered by almost all virtual casinos where you can test your mettle without spending a dime. The most amazing part is you are not required to make stakes and undergo losses, but you can test your skills. You have ample opportunity to practice and prepare yourself for the real occasions played with real money. Moreover, you can play demo versions without registration or credit /debit cards. Once you are thorough with basic strategies, go for advanced ones that are applicable for intricate and difficult hands.

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