How to Watch an Esports Tournament for the First Time


In the 21st century, many things have been popularized to a great extent. One of these rising trends is the immense popularity of esports. You might have come across this word and tournaments often.

Nowadays, many people have started participating in these virtual games. Also, the number of viewers of esports has risen tremendously. As a result, apps like Lotus365 offer betting on esports, increasing the craze for video game tournaments. 

What are Esports?

Esports is an international online multiplayer video game competition in which professional players compete against each other in games such as Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends. 

The online spectators come in huge numbers to watch the competition in-person or online (Facebook, Discord, TV, etc.). 

The atmosphere and thrills of watching these competitive games are unmatchable. Do you also want to watch these competitions and have no idea where and how to watch them for the first time? Have a look at the section below.

Esports on Television

Earlier, esports were not available on TV. However, due to greater participation and an increasing audience, you can now watch the tournaments on TV. 

Asian countries covered esports tournaments on TV relatively earlier than the United States. The different channels or broadcasters airing these leagues are StarCraft, Evolution Championship Series (with Twitch), and TBS. 

However, if these channels are unavailable at your location, you can choose other simpler alternatives like Discord. 

Esports In-Person

Since these are virtual video games, it does not mean you can only view these tournaments online or electronically. There are many arcades and places where huge audiences gather to watch these competitions live. 

The community-run tournaments are among the best locations to enjoy these games with a lively and stadium-like environment. 

In addition, you can watch esports at specially designed venues such as Blizzard Arena and Eleague Esports Arena.

The large-scale LAN network is connected to these stadiums or venues in front of a massive audience. Similar to stadium/match entry fees, you need to pay an entry fee for these arenas. 

Esports Online

Watching esports online is the most convenient way to watch it for the first time. You can stream these competitions through your laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. A strong internet connection and a popcorn bucket are all you need to enjoy these tournaments.  

You can stream the games on the Twitch YouTube channel or a similar streaming service. You must check the compatibility of these platforms with your Android or iOS. 

An added advantage of these platforms is that you can conveniently log in to betting apps like Lotus365 (through your Lotus365 ID) and win huge amounts. 


Through easy accessibility to different platforms, you can join the community of intense and thrilling esports competitions involving games like Counter-Strike, Valorant, and Doty 2. 

Watching these games in person displays the real-time intensity of players strategizing and coordinating their weapons, moves, kills, etc. These nerve-racking virtual games are the real reasons for the rising popularity of esports. 

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